• About CRD

About CRD

CRD Business Support Ltd. provides services utilizing the data stored in CRD (Credit Risk Database) managed by the CRD Association.

What is CRD Association?

The abstract and prospect of the CRD Association:


CRD Association is a database institute collecting the financial data and default data of SMEs.

Initiated by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of Japan, with the cooperation of (at that time) 52 credit guarantee corporations and governmental and private financial institutions nationwide, it was established in March 2001, to fund for a better financing of SMEs and for more advanced credit risk management.

The Association provides various services for its members, including credit risk assessment models (CRD models) constructed from the collected data and consulting service.

Since April 2006, CRD models are used for the determination of the interest rate of guarantee used by credit guarantee corporations.

Prospect of business

CRD Association collects data from the members of the Association, who are credit guarantee corporations and governmental and private financial institutions, of their SME counterparties’ financial data. The Association gives back the management assessment built from the CRD models and management indices computed from the enormous data for its members.

Structure of the organization and members

CRD members are made out of institutions, consisting of credit guarantee corporations, governmental and private financial institutions and rating companies, making the largest database for SMEs in Japan.


Accumulated data

CRD Association collects the data of SMEs according to the definitions of Japanese laws relating to SMEs.

  • Corporations /sole proprietor enterprises Number of borrowers, number of balance sheets and number of defaults
  • Corporations Number of borrowers, industry-wise and region-wise
  • Corporations Constitution in ratio in the scale of revenue
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