Apartment Loan Database

Apartment loans represent a large proportion of retail loans. CRD Association is now developing the "Data Accumulation and Scoring System of Apartment Loans" (DaSCORE-APL), which is a system that enables the efficient credit management of apartment loans.

Financial institutions face the following problems related to the credit management of apartment loans. First, an adequate database of apartment loans does not exist, so analysis of apartment loans is difficult. Second, they do not have common criteria for evaluating credit risk, so they assess loans without such criteria. Third, a stylized method of portfolio evaluation has not been established.

To support credit management among members, the apartment loan database service using DaSCORE-APL provides the following solutions for these problems. 1) This service constructs a standard database by accumulating data related to apartment loans. 2) This service realizes standardization of evaluation criteria by making earnings and expenses for each building. 3) This service establishes a stylized method of credit management and evaluation of a portfolio of apartment loans.

The apartment loan database service will commence at the end of 2015.

Role of the tool for data accumulation and building evaluation "DaSCORE-APL"

DaSCORE-APL is expected to play the following roles in the credit management of apartment loans.

Data accumulation and Scoring system of Apartments Loan

  • DaSCORE-APL includes a data accumulation function so that members can easily access data to investigate credit risk. If a data sharing system between members is established, this database will improve the evaluation of credit risk of apartment loans.
  • By using DaSCORE-APL, members can calculate accurate earnings and expenses for each building. By using the DaSCORE-APL framework for objective evaluations, it is possible for participating members to easily compare the risk on apartment loans between buildings. Furthermore, standardization of the criteria of evaluation on apartment loans is provided for loan officers.
  • Such standardization is difficult for financial institutions without this service.


If members participate in the apartment loan database, they can use DaSCORE-APL.

Expected business flow

(1) Start with easy manipulation.

  • This system automatically generates simulations for earnings and expenses for buildings.
  • This system automatically corrects the expected rent.
  • This system establishes scenarios for various risks.

(2) Accumulating apartment loan data in the head office.

  • This system automatically accumulates data.
  • This system sends data to head office quickly.
  • This system analyzes the accumulated data.

(3) Providing services for apartment loan database

  • Participating members provide apartment loan data to the CRD apartment loan database.
  • CRD Association sends reports of analysis using the database.
  • Participating members can construct common criteria for credit evaluation and analyze their portfolio using this report.
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