Statistical Information Service

The statistical information service provides statistical information on financial indicators for SMEs calculated using CRD. By using statistical information for each industry, region, and so on, CRD members can acquire information on the characteristics of client firms. Based on this information, members can establish appropriate client strategies and menus of loans. Members use these services for various purposes to improve their performance.

Content of Statistical Information Service

1. Standard Statistical Information Service

On the website for CRD members, statistical information divided by industry, firm scale, region, and so on can be downloaded. Statistical information includes the means and standard deviations of financial data used in the CRD model. Members can also download other statistics such as a table of default ratios and financial indicators used as main variables in the credit-scoring model.

Examples of statistical information

Number of observations (number of target firms) and standard deviations of default observations
Mean and median values using all observations
Standard deviations and the upper 30th percentile using all observations
Lower 30th percentiles using nondefault observations
Standard deviations and median values using nondefault observations
Mean and median values using default observations

2. Optional Statistical Information Service

CRD Association provides customized statistical information to members that are not included in the standard statistical information service.

Depending on the request, an additional fee is payable.
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