Housing Loan Database


In April 2013, CRD Association established the housing loan database. The aim of this database is to allow CRD members to manage their housing loan risk by participating in the database. Furthermore, using the database, CRD Association can offer valuable information that helps members establish appropriate strategies for the future.

For members participating in the housing loan database, CRD Association provides DaSCORE-HL, which is a tool for scoring and data provision. DaSCORE-HL supports data management and evaluation of housing loan risk. By using DaSCORE-HL, members participating in the housing loan database can not only accumulate housing loan data more efficiently, but also estimate the probability of default and prepayment risk using the model provided by CRD Association.

In addition, CRD Association regularly provides analysis reports using the housing loan database. Participating members can compare their housing loan database and the CRD housing loan database. By comparing both databases, participating members can analyze the characteristics of the portfolio and establish more effective management strategies.

Furthermore, participating members can participate in various seminars about housing loans, which are held regularly by CRD Association. In these seminars, useful information for the housing loan database is exchanged between participating members. The number of members participating in these seminars has been increasing in recent years.

Outline of the Database

Benefit of Participating in the Database

  • Quick Start: members can immediately use DaSCORE-HL (tools for scoring and data provision), which reduce the initial cost of participation.
  • Open: members can acquire detailed information about the model structure.
  • Low cost: the fee for participating in the housing loan database is low because CRD Association is a nonprofit organization. After two years of participation, the fee is discountable depending on data provision.

Scheme of the Database

To maintain the database, an additional fee is charged for participating in this service. This service is provided by an alliance between Credit Pricing Corporation and CRD Association.

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